Friday, September 11, 2009

Meeting my Idols

Well, not really my idols... more like smart and sassy professional women who I haven't gotten the chance to meet in person yet.

I'm at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference, and it's my pleasure to tell you that I've finally gotten a chance to have a good long talk with Janet Reid (she's sneaky!) and Emmanuelle Alspaugh (who I knew before and is not as sneaky...yet). I also got to briefly say hello to Kristen Nelson, who I intend to corner later during the con to get to know her better in person.

I've also met a bunch of writers, showed up at the Twitter cupcake party, and went to the initial opening party for the agent/editor/writer guests. Surprisingly, I also got to hang out with my brother who was magically in Denver on business too! It was a wonderful surprise--especially since neither of us knew the other one would be here until our parents called us. We had yummy, yummy Italian food and walked around downtown Denver. =)

And now, off to save the wrist for more client e-mail that must be answered.


Selestial said...

Sounds like you are having a great time :D Hope the rest of the weekend goes just as well!

Debra L Martin said...

Excellent. Meeting other agents must be great fun. I read Janet's and Kristen's blogs daily. Great content, great voices.

Enjoy the conference.

BookObsessed said...

Hi I am Heather.I just found you blog via Nadia Lee's blog & Couldn't find a better way to ask here goes. Where did you grow up? I went to school with a Jenny Rappaport here in Miami...Are you that Jenny Rappaport?

If not...I love you blog anyway but I just need to know.
Enjoy the conference - wish I was there - it does sound awesome!
Take care, Heather