Monday, October 05, 2009

Etsy Stuff

I rarely post about my Etsy shop, but being able to manipulate photographs with my left-hand-only lately has been one of the things keeping me sane with the tendinitis. A creative outlet is important, and writing is so insanely slow with Dragon. I'm having a sale, so feel free to check it out.

My ETSY shop Kitten String has been updated today with a sale. Details are below. Kitten String has hand-dyed fiber and yarn, as well as fine art photography.


This is how it works:

SALE #6 gets 50% off their entire order
SALE #7 gets 40% off their entire order
SALE # 8 gets 30% off their entire order
SALE # 9 gets 20% off their entire order
SALE #10 gets 10% off their entire order

So if you want to make a purchase, this is the time! Your refund will be given back through Paypal after the payment clears! Any custom dyeing orders will count for the sale, as well, but must be submitted through Alchemy.

Standard disclaimer: Making or not making a purchase has no effect on your chances for literary representation.


Sarah Scotti-Einstein said...

I'm a sucker for a sale... although I probably should have waited long enough for five people to order before I did. But I loved the orange sock yarn too much to risk it being bought. (I guess advertising on Twitter does work!)


CKHB said...

Sadly, I'm not a knitter, but I am an Etsy seller myself, and I just added you to my favorites.

evepaludan said...

Add me to your fave sellers - I added you. Isn't Etsy cool?

Robert W. Leonard said...

Cool, I didn't know you were on Etsy. My wife and I both have shops, it is such a fun community. :)