Friday, October 30, 2009

World Fantasy, Day 0 & 1

I'm not supposed to be typing this, but I blogged Worldcon, so I feel weird not doing the same.

Briefly: it's sort of dead. The parties ended REALLY early tonight. We were home by two. Weird. Had dinner with Jay Lake and his tremendous entourage, caught up with a lot of people, had cake (twice!), saw Teddy--who I still adore, and am now back home. Maybe a trip into San Francisco tomorrow, instead of hanging around the con.

The hotel doesn't allow signage, which is odd. Otherwise, it's really pretty and nice. Got to meet one half of Zeno Agency today; lunch with the Johns on Saturday. And now, no more typing. =)

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Stephen Nelson said...

Gah! I have been keeping an eye out for you here at the Con, just hoping to meet you, but haven't seen you, yet. Whereabouts do you hide?