Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Closed For Submissions, Effective Immediately

The Rappaport Agency will be closed for submissions, effective immediately, until at least the end of January 2010. Any submissions currently with us will be evaluated and will receive responses. All queries will be deleted unread during this period.

Many of the clients I've taken on this year are unpublished authors, and I want to get their books sold to good houses, before I take on any more unpublished authors.


Tochi said...

That's alright.

When you reopen for submissions, do you mind doing a "this is what I'm looking for" list again? You did one last year I think and it was quite insightful.


Annarkie said...

Yes, That list was very useful and as I will be shopping for representation by the end of January, I would love to see if my project would be a good fit for you.

Good luck finding homes for those books!