Saturday, November 14, 2009



I ended up catching swine flu too... but I knew the symptoms, so I got myself to the doctor in time to get Tamiflu. =)

I've been resting all week, but I'm well on the road to recovery right now. Mostly just fatigued, which is good.

I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that I got Tamiflu; I had one of the cases with almost no fever. If I had gone by the traditional definition of flu being with a high fever, I wouldn't have realized that I was truly sick, soon enough. My doctor trusted my instincts and the fact that my husband had just had swine flu--I am very grateful.

I'm back to work next week, as there's lots to catch up on!

And how have all of you been? =)


Ash. Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear they caught it on time! I work at a restaurant, so swine flu has me scare to death with all the people touching.

Selestial said...

Ugh, glad you caught it. I'm terrified of that with my kids. Feel better soon!

Robert W. Leonard said...

Ack, sorry to hear about that. Certainly happy that you caught it in time that it won't be TOO horrible. Still, I send my hopes for your speedy recovery.