Friday, December 18, 2009

Arbeit Macht Frei

I am incredibly puzzled that someone has bothered to steal an iron sign--the iron sign that hung over Auschwitz.

Why? Why would someone do that?


pseudonymn2 said...

Money. It actually is probably salable.

Or community pride. Let's face it, they'd really rather be known for the best piroshki in the world. It's not like living next to the world's biggest ball of yarn.

Or teenagers... They're just weird, wherever they are. In my hometown, they'd probably just steal road signs. I hope that's it, because the sign will probably be returned when the school principal finds it hanging over the study hall.

Dominique said...

pseudo -- In defense of teenagers, most teens I know wouldn't steal a sign from Auschwitz. Seriously, that's just messed up. (Though, I have to say, hanging a replica over a study hall door would be amusing.)

Horserider said...

I can't see teens doing something like this. We're not that smart and stupid at the same time. It's probably worth quite a bit on the black market though.

Hope it gets found and safely returned soon.

Angelo said...

There was a tradition in our high school that each senior class had to try to outdo the class before. The class that somehow crane-lifted a small bus over the wall and into the quad held the title for four years in a row. My class beat it, but barely.

I imagine if we lived next to Auschwitz, the greatest prank would be to take the real sign and hang it over the gym entrance, or wherever the student body first entered the school in the morning. No damage, and the sign would obviously be returned afterwards. Just a good, clean prank, steeped in both history and sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm..