Monday, December 28, 2009

Caving to the E-books

I've owned a Kindle for easily the last year, but I've only read manuscripts and a couple of non-fiction books on it. But lately, I've been trying to save money and really trim my book purchases--including getting rid of books that I'm never going to read again, which is insanely painful for me. So when I had heard many, many good things about THE MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE by Jennifer Ashley, I figured that I'd read the preview on my Kindle.

The preview was good.

The price of $5.59 was good, compared to the $7.99 I would pay at Barnes & Noble.

The convenience was good--it was pouring rain on Christmas night and I wasn't going to be able to go out and get it any sooner.

Dear Reader, I bought that book on my Kindle. My very first published fiction e-book. And Dear Reader, it was a very good book.

I devoured it. I totally turned to the dark side of e-book reading. I'm going to end up bringing only the Kindle with me whenever I go on trips because the convenience of lugging it, instead of lugging lots of books is a huge benefit. Granted, I missed the *feel* of a real book, but for the price... I'm going to end up buying more e-books, I guarantee you.

That's something I thought that I would NEVER say, by the way. I am firmly in love with physical books, but the fact that I can get something that easily... it's seductive. =)

Was an incredible book, in the sense that it was one of the first romance novels where I was firmly, firmly on the hero's side. The heroine was good too, but this was firmly the hero's story, and for that, I loved it. I do think it's the first romance novel I've ever read with a high-functioning autistic hero, and I truly loved it for that.

48. LOST by Jacqueline Davies
I picked up this ARC at BEA, and I haven't looked it at since. It was good and I really liked reading it, especially because we're fairly certain my great-grandmother worked at Triangle Shirtwaist for a bit.

49. LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green
With this book, read when I was in California, I've now finished reading all of John Green's published novels. I now need MORE. Do you hear that, Mr. Green? I know you're getting ready to be a father, but I want a new book to read! =)

50. OOKU, VOLUME 1 by Fumi Yoshinaga
I've blogged before about how much I adored this manga. The second volume is out now, and I'm looking forward to getting it soon, in an actual paper copy, of course. =) And I'm totally delighted that they're making a movie out of the manga and that Shibasaki Kou will be the shogun and Ninomiya Kazunari will be Mizuno--they're both seriously great actors. The casting gods are totally happy with that! =)


Taylor Taylor said...

My husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas - I've been enjoying browsing the Gutenberg project (and other free sites) and adding all the public domain material to my Kindle at no cost. I think I have about 150 of them on there now - I would never have bought Dracula at a books store, but I'm tearing through it on my Kindle. :-)

Beth said...

When you mentioned Jennifer Ashley, I perked up. I met her at a conference in 2008, and she was a lovely person - and I enjoyed her book The Queen's Handmaiden.

Then you went on to say this book has a high-functioning autistic as a hero. Yup. Now I know I need to own this book. My four-year-old son is autistic. I enjoy collecting fiction with autistic characters, in part so that I can someday show my son.

Dominique said...

Looking for Alaska is a fantastic book. That's what got me interested in John Green, though I might prefer An Abundance of Katherines.
I'll have to check out The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie.

MaureenHume said...

I love ebooks and my ereader simply because my closest book store isn't anywhere near where I live. The convience of downloading a good book in a few minutes is very appealing.
But as a known book lover I received quite a few real books for Christmas and the pure joy of...feeling, sniffing, flipping, turning...or even the initial reading of the blurb on the back cover can never be replicated by an ereader.

Elizabeth L said...

Yeah, liked the Madness. It was a bit disconcerting until I realized the autism thing with Ian. This was an awesome facet to the book.

worddreams said...

How do you pass a Kindle version on to a friend--share a great read? When I buy a book, at least four other people downline read it.

That's my hurdle.