Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Luck!!

Look, another Japanese drama review! And you wonder what I've been doing lately, besides wrapping up work and holiday shopping? (We won't count the attempts to write that have failed or the hours I've been writing kanji in my shougakusei notebook...)

Good Luck!! (yes, the exclamation points are part of the title) is an interesting drama from 2003. I seem to be on a kick to watch almost everything decent that Kimura Takuya has ever been in, and this one was next on the list.

Although it's ostensibly a drama about the unlikely romance between a cocky copilot (Kimura Takuya) and a female mechanic (Shibasaki Kou; she's fabulous in everything), the romance isn't really the main focus. Yes, the characters of Shinkai (Kimura) and Ogawa (Shibasaki) do indeed fall in love with each, and they have good chemistry, etc, etc.

But the drama itself is a love story about flying. The joy of being a commercial airliner pilot; of reaching out to touch the sky and the sun. Of working against the odds to get to do something that's your dream. Of being alive when you get off the ground, every single time. It's set in a somewhat-fictional-version of ANA (All Nippon Airlines), and basically the entire drama is about the internal politics and everyday worklife of the airline. Not only did they have a huge budget to do this, including a large use of real planes interspersed with sets, but it's well-acted by everyone in it.

The story might not be the most exciting one in the world, but any show that can make me wish I knew how to fly a 747 is definitely a winner in my book.

Where can I sign up for pilot lessons? =)

(Disclaimer: I have terrible vision and can never really fly a plane, but damn, it's nice to dream.)


Tochi said...

I've watched quite a bit of the 'acclaimed' animes but I never got into the TV drama stuff.

To be fair, I'm not into dramatic TV anyway. But the concept for this show sounds interesting.

I admire the Japanese for their stories. I think some of their work is so strikingly original/down-to-earth it's a wonder how we on this side of the world still deal with the same premises over and over again.

Is there a romance story centered around commercial aircraft flying out there other than this show? Never heard of one.

Unless you count "Wings" maybe.

CKHB said...

Nope, sorry, I'm still sulking about your video source being himitsu.

(Now I need a complicated series of smiley faces to indicate that I'm pouting, but not actually mad at you...)

ryan field said...

I love the storyline. And, I've always wanted to fly, but don't have great eyes.