Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My life, this decade

I've been thinking lately how when you're really young, a decade can be a lifetime. And when you're a bit older, it's still a long time. And then, when you get to my age, which is 28--a decade starts to be full of milestones that are impressive when you look at them altogether.

In short, Jenny's life in 2000-2009, in rough chronological order:

  • I went to college.
  • I met my husband at college.
  • I discovered that I really, truly loved anime.
  • I injured my ankles a million and one times, ranging from a torn Achilles tendon to sprained ankles. I also chopped off the tip of one finger for good measure. =)
  • I went to Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp.
  • I graduated from college!
  • I started working as a literary agency intern.
  • I started working as a literary agent.
  • I had non-fiction published for the first time.
  • I started a business.
  • I had poetry published for the first time.
  • I went to the Odyssey Writing Workshop.
  • I had short fiction published for the first time.
  • I closed a business.
  • I decided to have lots more new adventures.... =)
It's a ton of milestones, all these things that I never thought I would do in my 20s. But I'm happy I've done them, and I'm hoping the next decade treats me just as well. I remember ringing in 1990 with my best friend and both of us thinking that it was the coolest thing ever because ohmigod, we had never seen a decade CHANGE.

And now, this is my third change of decades. Time flies, but every single moment is worth living. =)


Tochi said...

Hey Jenny,

Any favorite anime in particular?

Know any agents that are anime fans?

and was it love at first sight for your husband? I think it's great that you met your husband at college. Perhaps you're one of the lucky few, or is that pretty common?

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

Tochi, way too many anime to name a favorite, although I still have major soft spots for Eva and Karekano.

My husband and I knew each other for two years before we started dating.

Maripat said...

My girl talked me into going to NDK in Denver and I'm hooked on anime now.

It amazes to see how much you've accomplished. Congrats and good luck in 2010.

lotusgirl said...

Wow. What a decade!

ryan field said...

This is my fourth change of decades. It goes much faster after thirty, trust me :)

Casey McCormick said...

Seems like a pretty great decade to me. Here's to an even better next decade!