Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleep and then some

I know that lots of people want the blog to keep going, as do I. But it's going to take me a tiny bit before I totally get back into the groove about what's interesting to readers again. So for the time being, I shall just babble. =)

I went to bed at 11:50pm on December 9th and woke up at 4:50pm on December 10th. I was out for a full seventeen hours, which while totally refreshing, has left me totally wide awake at 3:11 am. And while awake is good, I have to get to sleep at some point because it's Hanukkah today! I have presents to wrap! I have gift breads to bake (Raw Apple Bread)! I have to get things ready to go celebrate with my parents later tonight. =)

Can you tell that I'm totally excited about the holiday?

Today was a fairly boring day--the husband and I trekked over to John Joseph Adams' house, to return several boxes worth of agent copies that I had. We played Xbox games (the graphics in Borderlands are insane) and had Chinese food and hung out. We cavorted with John's dog, Echo. And then we returned home to the dubious stares of Miss Zoe, since Cavorting With A Dog is definitely a forbidden activity in her cat code of ethics.

It is also freaking cold here. I understand we don't have snow, which is nice. But usually, sitting in my home office with two computers running full tilt, I'm fairly warm. Except I'm not, not right now. And we've turned up the heat once already, and I'm going to go hike it up again before I go to bed. Brr...

And that's all I've got for you today, except that Kirkus has apparently shut down too, and has replaced the story of the agency closing in the publishing news. Which is all well and good, as they're a much bigger and longer-lived entity than I am. =)

Have a Happy Hanukkah, everyone! If you have suggestions about what you want to hear from now on in LIT SOUP, feel free to leave them in the comments.


India said...

I hope you'll be sharing your own journey as a writer: your thoughts, your projects, how you go through the process. I also love hearing about Zoe and the day to day.

On my own blog I talk about everything from writing knitting to blogging to novels and projects. I used to feel it was important to stay focused on one topic in a blog, but have been pleasantly surprised at how many people enjoy my new approach to "holistic blogging".

So, I say, "Go where the wind takes you."

Casey McCormick said...

It'd be lovely to hear about your writing, or whatever else you feel compelled to blog about. Follow your muse!

Oh, and I hear you about the cold. I've been miserable, and I'm in Ca!

E. Hartshorn said...

Sounds like you needed the rest. Enjoy your holiday!

Tochi said...

I'm most interested in your taste in novels.

Tells us about a new book you've read that you like or maybe didn't like and why.

I say this because it was your recommendations that made me read "Hunger Games", and that was definitely a good read for me.

I like books with fast plots and action, but not espionage/gun stuff. What are some books you've read that really stand out to you?