Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm a happy, happy person because we have a real lovely snow here. The last few winters haven't been that great for snow in New Jersey, but we finally have a good snowfall! At last!

Pictures to follow tomorrow, as the bulk of it is coming tonight. We're supposed to have 12 to 18 inches, at least, but we've got about 8 inches on the ground already.

I think I become a small kid when it snows. I want to go out and play in it, even though I have no snow clothes anymore. I take some inside and I let Zoe play in it, which is always amusing. It is cold and it is wet and it melts... where does it go?!

Zoe has decided that, even though we have the heat cranked up, it is way too cold to hang out downstairs. She's secluded herself on our bed for most of the day, other than looking out the window at the snow. Downstairs is way too cold for Her Royal Furrypaws. Our conversations during the day go like this:

Setting: Zoe curled into our blankets on our bed.

Me: Zoe, that's where you were!
Zoe: Of course, silly human. The bed is warm.
Me: But your cat food is downstairs. Aren't you hungry?
Zoe: I prefer to be warm.
Me: You can look out the window and see the snow fall on the patio...
Zoe: Obviously you are not understanding that the bed is the warmest place possible for both cats and humans. *purr* How kind of you to deign to visit me.

Yeah, she's not worth talking to right now, unless you're willing to sit on the bed and act as a human source of heat for her. =)


Fin said...

A warm human is a delight on a cold day Zoe.

Purrs Fin

ryan field said...

We only had about seven inches where I am in Bucks County, PA. You guys got slammed.

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

In our house, Winter Ridley is way more affectionate and cuddly than Summer Ridley. He crawls onto my belly so I can't type, but I don't want to pass up the opportunity to have a warm, furry cuddly kitty.