Friday, January 08, 2010

2010 Books!

And yes, I'm going to try to keep track of the books I've read this year, as I did last year. I'm never going to equal my beautiful gross of books from 2005, am I?

Anyway, a note on some particulars... some of these early books were started in 2009, but weren't finished for some reason or another. Some of them on the list will have been reread entirely from the beginning, some of them were literally in progress as the year turned, and some of them I read until I could pick up where I was. I'll try to remember to note where things are, but honestly, I've decided to cut myself some slack here. =)

1. EYES LIKE STARS by Lisa Mantchev
Lisa is one of my con buddies, an always vivacious person who rocks a corset. I bought this book of hers awhile ago, but I was so busy that I never got the chance to really read it. I started it just at the end of 2009 and devoured it. While I will admit that the beginning was the tiniest bit hard for me to get into, I'm really glad that I stuck with it. For the record: Team Ariel, all the way. =)

2. HOT GIMMICK, Volume 2--Volumes 4-6 in one book by Miki Aihara
Yes, I'm obsessed with this series, leave me alone. It's wrong and it's good and I like the art. It's one of those things where you pick it up and you just can't stop reading.

3. HONEY HUNT, Volume 1 by Miki Aihara
Based on my addiction to HOT GIMMICK, I decided that it would be worth it to pick up this manga too, since it's by the same author. It's a different sort of manga than HOT GIMMICK, but I'm liking it just as well. The subtle spoofs on Japanese entertainment culture are very amusing, such as Puma Puma being the variety show, instead of SMAPxSMAP. And she made the main character a Johnny's boy, which amuses me to no end. I'm being a very good girl and not buying the next volume until next month...

4. OOKU, Volume 2 by Fumi Yoshinga
If you pick up any manga series or graphic novel this entire year, OOKU should be it. It's rich and detailed with literally heart-breaking images. Yoshinga doesn't pull any punches in this volume; it's deadly serious and she doesn't care if you love a character--she kills her darlings, quite literally. It's seriously worthy of its Eisner Award, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next volume translated into English

(Note, unless I specify, all the manga I read is in English because my Japanese is too slow for me to bother reading things in it at any discernible speed.)

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