Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have lately been experiencing one of those weeks where I am deeply and inexplicably enthralled by certain things. I like to think this is my brain trying to dig around in its collective leaf mold, and attempt to become unfrozen. Have I mentioned that my brain is frozen lately, that I try to write and nothing comes out?

Anyway, one of the things I've become fascinated with is a Japanese TV show called Magerarenai Onna, which translates to "Unbending Woman". Which is a really, really shitty translation, but that's the literal meaning. It's basically about a rigidly-OCD woman who refuses to go with the flow in Japanese society. She won't back down; she won't do things just because that's the way it needs to be done; and most importantly, she won't give up on her dream of being a lawyer, despite failing the bar exam nine times running. It's slice-of-life, realistic, and really, really well-acted. I'm adoring it.

The other thing, which is much more accessible to US readers, is NO PLACE SAFE by Kim Reid. I had never heard of the book. I had no idea who Kim Reid was. I would, to this very day, be completely unaware of the book--except for the fact that Kristin Nelson represents Ms. Reid and she posted about the book today. Kristin put up the first chapter of the book on her blog and I was hooked. I don't read memoirs; I'm not in the target audience for this book at all. But it's SO well-written and so compelling that I want to read more. I only wish I had read Kristin's blog post before I was in Barnes & Noble this evening, but hey, that's what Amazon is for. =) By all means, please go and read the excerpt on Kristin's blog; it's seriously excellent.

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veela-valoom said...

I rarely read memoirs (but I do at times). I saw that post and read the excerpt, really good stuff. Makes me tempted to venture out of my fictional world for a brief affair with the truth.