Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm a Trout!

The ever-amusing Cat Valente has come up with a scale of science fiction famousness that starts at Trout and proceeds to Legend. For example, quoting from her post:

"Keeping in mind that two Scalzis make a half Gaiman, and at least two Gaimans are required to enter the next level, the Legend scale, which included canonical authors like Ursula LeGuin, Jane Yolen, and Ray Bradbury, this should allow us to pretty well pinpoint most authors."

It's really worth reading the entire thing. Click on the link, and then tell me what you think!


Dominique said...

Quite amusing. I wonder if there is a similar scale for fantasy writers.

I come in below the Trout, sadly. I wonder what that makes me. A minnow, perhaps.

lexcade said...

i'm a trout too. apparently, that's significantly better than salmon.

and now i'm hungry....

CKHB said...

Oh, to someday be a recognizable fraction of a Gaiman!

I'm also smaller than a trout. Guppy? Plankton? Roe?