Saturday, February 06, 2010

BLACKOUT by Connie Willis

10. BLACKOUT by Connie Willis

Oh boy, I am SO glad that I waited eight years for this book. I'm trying to figure out how to explain exactly how good this novel is without giving away many spoilers, and I'm failing utterly. Let's see: it's the first of a duology, since ALL CLEAR won't be out until November 2009. Ms. Willis' intrepid Oxford historians are back and time traveling, this time to World War II and the Blitz. There are great historical tidbits scattered throughout the book, like how the ravens at the Tower of London were killed in a bombing, and the government secretly took the bodies away and replaced them with new ravens--since if there were ravens at the Tower of London, England wouldn't fall. =)

And mostly, it's a thrilling, thrilling story about three historians who become trapped, for unknown reasons, in World War II in England. It's well-researched, extremely well-written, and quite literally, page-turning. I am also officially in love with Sir Godfrey, and I very much want him to eventually tell Polly how he feels. I am awaiting the second half of it with bated breath.


David said...

Won't be out until November 2009? How appropriate for an agent representing a time travel novel!

Seriously, congratulations, representing Connie Willis must be a thrill, looking forward to the book.

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

I don't represent Connie Willis.

In fact, I represent no one anymore, as I've ceased to be an agent.