Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My ice skating buddy, let me show you her

One of the things I absolutely love about Twitter is that I get to talk to people all over the world on a daily basis. One of them is Nadia Lee.

Nadia is an author who I once offered representation to, many moons ago, before she eventually went with Diana Fox. We lost touch, as often happens with people who meet through business situations.

But I didn't forget Nadia and she didn't forget me. And when I eventually realized she was on Twitter, we started babbling, and discovered that we both love ice skating. Passionately, passionately love ice skating. We've spent the entire fall and winter talking about the current international skating season on Twitter, and tonight we got to tweet at each other during the Olympics Pairs Free Skate.

Me in NJ and Nadia in Japan, where she lives.

Life doesn't get much better than having an ice skating buddy who loves the sport as much as you, and who you can totally get all sports-fangirl with. =) Even if they live on the opposite side of the globe. *waves*

Oh, and Shen and Zhao won, which made my night. They completely and totally deserved it.


Sarah said...

I was so nervous when she fell out of that lift! Glad they finally got their gold.

Unrepentant Escapist said...

I can't wait for the men's tonight. I can't decide who to root for...only wish the U.S. could have sent Ryan Bradley too. Did you see him at U.S. nationals? His program is so cute!

Nadia Lee said...

Hey you, Jenny!

Pairs = brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I was sobbing at the end because I was so happy for Shen & Zhao. I've watched them since their senior debut, and I sooo wanted them to win OGM.

As for the men's competition -- disgrace. Ack!

H.L. Shepler said...

I, too, have a skating buddy on Twitter, and we've been having the time of our lives tweeting about the Olympics. It makes everything twice as fun when you can cheer, howl, and make random snarky comments about skaters' outfits.

And I'm so glad Shen and Zhao won! They're exquisite. (@Nadia Lee: I cried, too. And then I wrote a super-emotional blog post about it.)