Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buy for a Good Cause!

My friend, Aimee, is about to go in for a hysterectomy to remove a giant football-sized fibroid and associated girly bits. She's understandably worried about her bills for the months of April and May, as she recovers from the major operation. She's not asking for handouts or donations--she's not that type of gal--but if you happen to like anything in her Etsy shop, she'd love if you'd purchase it.

My personal favorite is this pink beaded necklace; I own a very similar one in blue, and I get nothing but compliments on it when I wear it. So if you're in the mood for jewelry, bath and body products (also divine), or runes, hop on over to Aimee's Etsy shop. She'll be updating it soon, too!

Aimee's Etsy shop


ryan field said...

Mother's day is coming up and this is the sort of thing I love when I'm really busy and can't shop. Thanks for posting about it. I'll even do a link on my blog next week to help her promote. The items are really good and really different.

Colleen said...

Would love to order but there is no shipping to Canada, according to the pop up I got on my attempt. Sorry. Her things look lovely.