Monday, March 22, 2010

I have consumed literature

I'm taking a break from putting together tax information to download extraneous information from my brain. Mostly, books I've read this year that I haven't written down yet.

14. THE RELUCTANT WIDOW by Georgette Heyer

I was so excited to see this book in the library--a Georgette Heyer novel I hadn't read! Unfortunately, it's a Georgette Heyer novel that I didn't really need to read. It's definitely a lesser Heyer work, and doesn't compare to such gems that I love like FREDERICA or COTILLION. I spent most of the book absolutely hating the heroine for being a complete and total idiot.

15. THE QUIET GENTLEMAN by Georgette Heyer

Similarly, I snagged this from the library, too. Also, disappointing, although it was better than THE RELUCTANT WIDOW, at least.

16. TOKYO BOYS AND GIRLS, Volume 1 by Miki Aihara

And look, more manga! Cute and fun, but not as good as HOT GIMMICK or even HONEY HUNT.

17. TOKYO BOYS AND GIRLS, Volume 2 by Miki Aihara

See above review.

18. THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

I loved the first two books in this series, and this one was a good addition to it. But I felt like she ended the book where the second act of the plot ended, and I DESPERATELY want to see what happens to them in the safe town. I'm not sure it's a cop-out on the part of the author, or if she deliberately wanted to leave the series with an ambiguous ending. I really do think it needs a fourth book, but I don't know if she'll ever write one though. Overall though, I really loved what she did with this trilogy.

19. THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins (reread)
20. CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins (reread)

It's been less than a year since I originally read both these books, but THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN whet my appetite for more dystopian fiction, and I went back and devoured them again. I love them, just as much, if not more. I'm eagerly waiting for MOCKINGJAY.


Oh, this was cute and lovely! Not as good as THE WESTING GAME, but I'm glad I read it. =)


This was a great book. I'll say up front that I never would have offered it representation as an agent because it's simply not to my taste in writing. But once I bought it, I was forced to read through it, and I'm *really* glad that I persevered. It's not an easy book to read; it's difficult and doesn't explain as much as I wanted it to about the rest of the world. But it's beautifully written, and well done. My one major quibble is that it's marketed as the first in a trilogy, but I think it ended so perfectly that it could have served just as well as a stand-alone. I'm sure the author has more plans for the world, but I liked the glimpse and the picture we saw of it now. Almost like how Brandon Sanderson did with ELANTRIS; I don't need more. In fact, I'm really eager to see what Ms. Jemisin writes outside of this world, since I think she probably has a million more ideas for good books that I'd like to read.

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Horserider said...

I'm also rereading Hunger Games and Catching Fire after I don't know how long. I'm reminding myself why I love them so much. Six months until Mockingjay!