Sunday, March 21, 2010

My home for three months

I'm set to leave for Tokyo on April 6th, for a three month stay, and I thought you guys would like to see where I'm staying. I'm staying with my friend Deanna, who is renting a house in the Akabane neighborhood of Tokyo.

And hence, I give you, the construction of Jenny's room.

For those wondering, the house has a full kitchen (a rarity in Tokyo), a big dining room, and a miscellaneous other room (that has no windows nor air conditioning, which is why I'm living upstairs) for its downstairs portion. There's laundry outside, a balcony to hang clothes on to dry, and some form of small garden outside in the back too. Plenty of space for both of us to hang out.


lexcade said...

awesome! i'm so glad you're finally getting to go, jenny! you have to be uber stoked :)

CKHB said...

Fabulous! You're going to love it.

ryan field said...

She's obviously working hard to prepare for you. Looks like a very nice place. Hope you keep a daily journal...or better yet...a blog post a day about your three months there.