Thursday, March 25, 2010

The next few days

Lest you think it's all fun and games at La Casa Rappaport, I thought I'd happily review my semi-to-do list for the next few days. This is partially for my reference, but feel free to peruse. To make it understandable, you should know that I'm hosting the second Seder of Passover on Tuesday, March 30th, for eleven people.

  • Answer e-mail that has been ignored in favor of tax preparation
  • Call kosher butchers in Lakewood and Highland Park--must find kosher for Passover pupicks and chicken necks
  • Possibly drive to said kosher butchers or prepare to do so early Friday morning
  • Continue to prepare for Japan trip
  • Clean my house like mad
  • Start the defrosting process for ten chicken thighs and nine pounds of brisket worth its weight in gold
  • Clean kitchen
  • Find pupicks still--hopefully, obtain pupicks
  • Continue to prepare for Japan trip
  • Clean the house some more, until it's presentable and sparkling
  • Change over kitchen for Passover, so that cooking can start on Sunday
  • Hard boil two dozen eggs
  • Make at least a half gallon of salt water
  • Find a third black tablecloth to match my existing two tablecloths--Hello, Target, my old friend!
  • Defrost frozen gefilte fish
  • Make chicken soup
  • Cook gefilte fish with stuffs
  • Make brisket
  • Make to-be-determined dessert for Passover
  • Make Jello thing for Passover (lime with bananas and pineapple)
  • Buy salad
  • Figure out what vegetable will be the token vegetable among the starch and meat of the Seder; obtain vegetable to cook on Tuesday
  • Cook like mad. Die somewhere along the way. Continue to cook as a zombie.


Chantal said...

Sounds like you have a busy week planned--goodness!

Anonymous said...

please remove your death from your to-do list on Tuesday. It would greatly inconvenience our seder. Thanking you in advance. With love, Uncle Robert

Zara Penney said...

May Eliahu leave you a little bunch of diamonds :-)