Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paula Volsky

I figure that I have a fairly decent number of science fiction and fantasy fans reading this blog, so I'm asking for any of you to boost this signal.

I'm trying to find out whether Paula Volsky is still writing or not. She's the author of several really good historical fantasies that I devoured in my teens. Her last book came out in 2001. Wikipedia says she's still alive, so I'm assuming that's true.

But she simply hasn't published in years and as an ardent fan, I'm really curious to figure out why. Now granted, it could be bad novel sales, etc, but authors usually try to stay active, even in short fiction.

Does anyone know what happened to Paula Volsky?

(Any and all signal boost is appreciated, only in the respect that I'm genuinely curious about this and I would love to read more from her.)

ETA: Wikipedia also tells me she has a story out in 2009 in a Gardner Dozois anthology from Subterranean.


David said...

I don't know the answer, but my bet would be on declining book sales, the usual depressing career death spiral. It's so common and can make people stop writing for years.

GEORGIAM said...

Here’s a quote I found about Paula Volsky on a discussion board, though it is kind of dated…

“In the August 2000 issue of Locus it was reported that she had sold the rights to a fantasy trilogy to Bantam. Going on five years later and...?”

04-24-2007, 06:45 AM
“Paula Volsky's still writing and is indeed working on a trilogy. The first book's been written but her publisher (Bantam Spetra) is publishing the entire trilogy close together so we'll have to wait until the other two books are written.”

The link to the discussion:

A. C. Crispin said...

Paul Volsky's new trilogy is coming out this winter! Bantam has just released the first volume. It's titled The Traitor's Daughter and Paula Volsky is writing as "Paula Brandon."

I'm currently reading The Traitor's Daughter, and it's terrific, Volsky at her best.

(Full confession time: we're good friends, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize excellent writing and storytelling when I see it!)

The remaining two books in this new trilogy will be released this winter, but I don't know the exact months.

Get The Traitor's Daughter! It's great!

-Ann C. Crispin