Friday, April 02, 2010

Notes on life

  • I'm busy preparing for my trip to Japan and sort of being excited and moderately nervous because oh god, I've never been that far away from home yet. But I will survive. I'm a big girl.
  • I'm also trying to wrap up agency business before I leave, somewhat unsuccessfully, as I can't get in touch with people I need to speak to. This is distressing, to say the least.
  • I hosted a Passover Seder for ten people on Tuesday night to grand success. I have successfully conquered brisket, chicken soup, and doctoring gefilte fish, plus a mostly-successful Jello mold. I told my mom that she's welcome to return to her home planet now, as I've mastered the food of my people. =)
  • I seem to have flipped to a Japanese time schedule already, which is good, but also bad, as I'd like to see my family before I leave.
  • I have a new blogging gig--have had it for a month or so--and I'm working on my first post still. It's almost done, thank god, as it also fell victim to the writer's block from hell. My new blogging gig is very patient and I am very thankful for that.
  • I wrote 603 words last week.
And finally, although I don't have a picture to prove it, it's my sad duty to report that Zoe has become rather pudgy. Definitively pudgy, in fact. She has cat hips. Tubby little cat hips. I thought she was pudgy; my dad thought she was pudgy; my mom thought she was pudgy. But alas, Chris, my husband, did not think she was pudgy. He went on and on about how I was spreading scandalous rumors about her. =)

We weighed her today and she now clocks in at 13 lbs, which is quite a lot for a little cat. The vet says she's only supposed to weigh 11 lbs at most, so she's going on a diet. But lucky for me, I'll be across the world, so Chris has to deal with the incessant meowing that she is hungry, hungry, hungry, why are you not giving me cat food...

Who says there's not some perks to travel? =)


Stace said...

You'll be fine in Japan. I went there on my own at the age of 17 and stayed there for a year. I loved it so much I went back for another year, three years later.

Now, if I could do it then, you'll be FINE.

India Drummond said...

I spent about 4 months in Japan some years ago... I loved it! It's one of those places that doesn't let go of you. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. Can't wait to hear all about it.