Friday, May 07, 2010

The shopping

There are so many reasons that I totally heart Tokyo, but today, I love it for the shopping. Most of the time I just window shop everywhere, but today I hit Tomato the fabric store and got a million and one fat quarters. After years of not being able to find quilt fabric that I loved--I found it. And my mom is going to dig up the sewing machine and give it to me when I get home, so finally, finally, finally, I will make my Flying Geese quilt. It's the silly, crafty things in life that make me so happy. =)

Tokyo is many things, but the segment of its shops that cater to crafty people + bored homemakers has to be among my favorites. I am frighteningly domestic sometimes.... for years, I was convinced that I wasn't a girly girl at all, but then I hit my twenties and realized that yes, I was. And now I can take wonderful delight in totally girly things in a city that has a ton of them! =)

(Yes, pictures to follow. I've been busy and I have a ton of homework to do this weekend.)

(Also, addendum #2: I've decided that most of you are all bored with me now, due to lack of comments. Obviously, my life is now deathly boring since I'm not an active agent. I shall just babble from now on, I suppose.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you about being crafty/girl. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself girly, but when I was in college, a boyfriend once called me "domestic" and I was horrified.

Now? I knit, sew, quilt, cook, and cross-stitch, and I love it all. Hell yes, I am crafty and domestic, and it's wonderful.

Kalika said...

Us lurkers are still here, lurking.

If there's one thing Tokyo is good at, it's parting us from our money. The Japanese managed to create a sort of fashion that goes straight to my geeky heart. You might vaguely recall the girl in the purple sci-fi dress thing at Worldcon, that was me and that dress thing was bought in Tokyo. These days I'm sighing over this top:

I like feeling like I'm from a manga. :)

Rachel said...

being crafty does not make you a girly-girl. hanging Justin Beiber posters on your wall makes you a girly-girl.

Soratian said...

My sis says I have to go to Tokyo Hands. She says it's the craft shop with everything you can imagine and more. Have you shopped there yet?

ryan field said...

I always loved the Baltimore Wedding Quilts.

As far as comments are concerned, personal blogging takes build a following and to build relationships with other bloggers. Don't be discouraged by lack of comments compared to what you had before when your were agenting. The people who still follow you, and the new followers you will continue to attract, are the people you want the most anyway.

Deb Salisbury said...

Don't give up on us! We are still here and watching your trip with envy. I don't always have time to comment, or anything interesting to say. I'm pretty boring. Le sigh. ;-)

Nadine said...

I love reading your stories about Tokyo as I was just there in February. I read through google reader so I don't always have time to come by and comment but I always read. Keep posting!