Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Glee Season Finale

Yes, this is a spoiler-filled post.
It's the look that gets me at the end--the look that Finn gives to all the other Glee kids during "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" when Rachel has her head on his shoulder. It's the look that says he's the luckiest guy in the world, and don't you wish that you were him. It's the look of utter content and bliss and absolutely everything that being in love means when you're 16.

I cry every time.

And it's the look that Puck and Quinn give each other, and the fact that you can still see that they care deeply about each other and that they're terribly, terribly in love still, even if they don't know how to make it work. Or may never make it work. Or may have just had the baby and will move on with their lives. But I'm a romantic at heart, and part of me wants Quinn and Puck to grow up and to have more babies together, that they keep as parents and raise together. Part of me wants them to be so happy, since I think they both deserve it.

The music was great. I adore Journey. The birth scene intercut with Bohemian Rhapsody was simply stunning.

But it's the characters that make me keep coming back to Glee, over and over and over. I love the music and I actually like the quick-moving plots and wacky writing at times. But god, I love these kids and this Glee Club more than I think you're supposed to love television characters. They hit on exactly what it's like to be a teenager; they touch this chord in me that resonates and vibrates, even though I graduated from high school eleven years ago. It's enough to make me want to be the reason that Finn looks like that--because it's the look that gets me everytime.


SandraDeeZA said...

You sound like me! Here I am, married with two kids, being the oh-so-responsible adult, and I can't get me enough of some Glee! As a former teenage underdog, I feel their journey painfully and cheer them on through their flaws and awkwardness. And the Finn-Rachel relationship is the stuff of dreams indeed.

Liz S said...

Your post made me tear up all over again!

Elizabeth M. Thurmond said...

I feel the same way about those aspects of the finale, especially about Finn. He's my favorite of the kids and I especially loved him in this episode. I'm not entirely sure it's all enough to outweigh how heartbroken I was for Will (I love him and Emma more than is reasonable), but I'm going to have to watch the scenes with the kids over and over again because they're just that amazing.

kris fulk said...

Hear, hear, Jenny. That is a beautiful way of putting it. I too love Glee for the exact same reasons. It's the little side plots that really enrich their characters, specially Sue's. Unlike my husband, who will only tolerate watching the show for Sue's witticisms, I really love the depth of her character, aside from the obvious "bad guy" persona.

Steph said...

Beautiful post! And so true, I remember feeling everything so strongly when I was in high school, and I would have died and gone to heaven to have someone look at me the way Finn and Puck looked at those gals! :)

Nadine said...

Beautiful post! This was so eloquently written!

I love Glee - it's my favorite show and I haven't had one of those in a long time.

The show makes me want to do something I NEVER wanted to do - go back to High School.


When the Glee club sat around Will's living room, completely different and all the same, and all so very upset that they were about to lose the one connection they all shared, and when Rachel started crying and asked if they could just talk about everything they loved about Glee this year ... I broke into pieces. And I stayed that way the rest of the episode.