Monday, October 11, 2010

*pokes head up*

Bullet list time!

  • I love school. Seriously, love it. My brain is working again for the first time in ages. Say what you will about agenting, but it didn't use my brain the same way as learning Japanese and writing complex history papers does. =)
  • I have a bilateral ankle sprain, which is a fancy way of saying that both of my ankles are sprained.
  • I will be attending physical therapy for the rest of my life, at this rate.
  • Before I got my second ankle brace--a matching set!--Zoe was afraid of the scary crutch-monster, aka, as me.
  • I wrote a story that I REALLY love and it's been racking up great rejections, which gives me hope.
  • I'm working on another story that I love.
  • I have two midterms tomorrow.
  • I made jelly! Three kinds! Quince, apple, and mint! They are yummy!
  • I've been reading a lot of books.
  • To get said books to read, I've been visiting the library. How I've missed it. =)
  • Zoe finds it fascinating that old books have a different sort of smell than most of our books. She sniffs the library books endlessly.
  • And that's about it...
What have you all been up to?


Martha Flynn said...

I've also been making jelly/jam - raspberry and strawberry. I wanted to make quince but it look RIDICULOUS - like NINE STEPS - how did you pull that off?

Griffin Asher said...

Making jelly/jam sure seems popular. I just finished making my own batch of elderberry jelly.

ryan field said...

Sounds like you've been making some nice changes in your life since the last time I was here. I'm due for a few changes, too, sometime soon :)