Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World War II Homefront Novel recommendations

Ok, so I finished reading Connie Willis' BLACKOUT/ALL CLEAR novel, which I adored. So much, in fact, that if I can't have another Connie Willis novel now, I want novels about World War II. Most particularly, about the homefront during World War II, whether it's in the UK, Canada, or the US. They can be kid's books, although I prefer more young adult than middle grade. They can be something other than speculative fiction, as well. They can also just be about World War II in general, although I ask you to shy away from Holocaust-specific novels--I've read so many of those already.

So please, pass the word along, and help me find a new book to read! =) And if I get a really decent amount of suggestions, I'll compile it into an easily accessible list for people to find via Google. Thank you!


Justus M. Bowman said...

It amazes me how moving World War II remains after all these years. If World War I were a person, it would certainly feel jealous.

ryan field said...

You may have already read this, but if not: HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET. Jaime Ford.

I deals with WWII and how Asian Americans were treated during that time. It's also a nice mainstream love story, too. My favorite book this year.

Graceful Space said...

Fiction: Mariana by Monica Dickens, Good Night Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian, Part of the Furniture by Mary Wesley
Non-fiction: ...And the Policeman Smiled: 10,000 Children Escape from Nazi Europe by Barry Turner, They Fought in the Fields: The Women's Land Army by Nicola Tyrer, An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Veronica d'Albert-Lake
BBC TV series: Foyle's War, Island at War

Justin78 said...

A recent favorite WWII novel of mine: Fatal Incident by Jim Proebstle ( It chronicles the mysterious 1944 Alaska plane crash- and I think it's a very realistic approach to the story.
I hope you find something you like!

Tyler said...

"It amazes me how moving World War II remains after all these years. If World War I were a person, it would certainly feel jealous."

Justus, you couldn't have echoed my sentiments more. It's a fascinating time period that fills my heart with emotion. As far as wars go, it's by far the one most worth reading about.

One of my favorite WWII novels is definitely "Top Secret Flight" by Dale Cox. It's about a mission to Japan that happened right after the Pearl Harbor attacks. Really interesting book, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the US' relationship with Japan during WWII!