Saturday, December 25, 2010

A holiday month of illness

Well, look at that, I've regained the ability to type with both hands!

To catch you up... I have been sick. Dreadfully, terribly, not-getting-better sick for a month at this point. I do not often blog about being sick, but you'll just have to deal. =)

First, I had a cold for two weeks. Then, the cold turned into a sinus infection. On week 3, I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics for the sinus infection. On week 4, I went to the doctor again, complained that my antibiotics were not doing anything, and that I also suspected I had an asymptomatic urinary tract infection (I get them often; really, they suck because you don't know you have one until your kidneys hurt or you've lost all energy). The doctor gave me a different antibiotic for the sinus infection.

The sinus infection has gotten mostly better with the second antibiotic. Cue the doctor calling me on Thursday with the news that my UTI was a wonderfully rare type of bacteria... that required a THIRD antibiotic. So now I'm taking two different antibiotics, with the antibiotic for the UTI making me dreadfully nauseous every time I take it.

And then my husband got my sinus infection.

And then he got even sicker than I was with it, including a fever.

And then my sinus infection mutated from an infection to something that drips down my throat and causes me to cough so violently that it sets off an asthma attack that has me groping for a nebulizer and relief.

And then I threw out my back from coughing and temporarily couldn't do anything with my right hand without being in dreadful pain.

Which brings us to today and Christmas, and our utter inability to drive up to my husband's family to celebrate the holiday. But we both managed to get some sleep, and my dad has been coming over daily to bring us food and batteries (the Wii remotes eat them). And I have a warm, fluffy, wonderful Zoe cat who loves us dearly, and has been dreadfully worried whenever my husband blows his nose loudly.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and here's a scanned in picture of one of our holiday cards with Zoe on it. =)

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