Sunday, January 02, 2011

Finishing up 2010 books

I've been greatly remiss in keeping you all updated with what books I've read in 2010, so you'll have to forgive me for merely listing things--we are in 2011 already! I'm sure I've got one or two books lurking around that I simply haven't found yet; I'm currently excavating them off my night stand and bedroom floor. =) Once I have them all figured out, I'll put up a final list and summary.

47. MATCHED by Ally Condie

48. FIRE: TALES OF ELEMENTAL SPIRITS by Peter Dickinson and Robin McKinley

49. WOMEN IN MEDIEVAL JAPAN by Haruko Wakita

50. BRING DOWN THE SUN by Judith Tarr

51. HALF WORLD by Hiromi Goto

52. MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins

53. MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie

54. ALL CLEAR by Connie Willis

55. PEGASUS by Robin McKinley

56. HOT GIMMICK, VOLUME 4 by Miki Aihara

57. THE TALE OF GENJI by Murasaki Shikibu


59. A GIRL’S GUIDE TO KISSING FROGS by Victoria Clayton

60. IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

61. ONCE A WITCH by Carolyn MacCullogh

62. A CHRISTMAS PROMISE by Mary Balogh

63. BIG GIRL KNITS by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer

64. THE MAKING OF HAITI by Carolyn Fick

Ok, that finishes up the part of the list that was in Word document form and is thus strangely formatted. Continuing on...

65. KILLASHANDRA by Anne McCaffrey (reread)
66. CRYSTAL LINE by Anne McCaffrey (reread)
67. CRYSTAL SINGER by Anne McCaffrey (reread)
68. THE NEW MOON WITH THE OLD by Dodie Smith
69. A TALE OF TWO FAMILIES by Dodie Smith
70. THE TOWN IN BLOOM by Dodie Smith
71. THE FORBIDDEN ROSE by Joanna Bourne
72. TROLLS IN THE HAMPTONS by Celia Jerome

73. THE IRON DUKE by Meljean Brook

This book I want to talk about because I feel like it's ... travesty is not the right word, because I enjoyed it ... but it's not *right*. Ms. Brook is a fantastic worldbuilder, and more importantly, she can tell a damn fine science fiction story. Her characters are real, her world shines through the grime, and the plot worked, for the most part. I like her writing too, which I can't always say of all authors. Where the book fell totally flat for me was the romance. I can understand a romance being there; I'm cool with romance; see all the books above that are romances, which is a genre that I love.

But in emphasizing the romance over everything else, as well as the sex scenes (which bordered on gratuitous), Ms. Brook did her book a great injustice. I know that this is the story she wanted to tell, and that this is the book she wanted to write; I totally get that. I just think it's a crying shame that she declares on her website that she'll never write something that's not a romance--it's selling her talents and her abilities short to limit herself to one genre.

(More books to follow, but I'm being instructed to consume chicken soup now by my husband. =)

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