Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flutter, flutter, kick, kick

So, lately, I've been feeling flutters and kicks that are the baby.

You may think I'm insane because I'm only 13 weeks and 5 days, but I'll just politely smile at you and continue onwards. These flutters and kicks respond when poked. They do not like sitting next to my nebulizer when I use it. If you think my intestines are going to have a fun time kicking me after listening to my nebulizer vibrate, then I think you don't know a thing or two about intestines. =)

I could go on and explain why I think this is the baby, but let's leave it at the fact that my fibromyalgia makes me extra-sensitive to pain of any kind, both inside and outside my body.

And the baby, dear creature that it is, has definite preferences. This amazes me more than anything, honest to god. So, in the interest of posterity, and because I'm tired and have eaten too pasta, I shall list them for you. =)

What the baby Likes:
  • Lentil soup
  • Ice cream
  • Sweet things, but not all sweet things--ice cream appears to be a favorite lately, which I suspect is due to my blood sugar spiking (No, this doesn't explain the lentil soup--your guess is as good as mine.)
What the baby doesn't respond to:
  • Strangely, all other types of soup! =)
  • And pretty much, everything else I eat
What the baby does not like:
  • Nebulizers
  • Not so fond of poking
  • Kneading on my abdomen by Zoe, while she is nursing, which is how we first discovered that I could feel the baby; it kicked Zoe back! For the record, I was sleeping while I was being nursed on, so I got woken up by strange flutters and Zoe combined.


Rachel said...

Lentil soup is super-tasty. what other explanation does one need? Plus, ewwww-creepy alien thing poking inside body-ICK, ICK, and double-ICK. Can you tell I've not ever been pregnant?

Anonymous said...

I completely believe that you felt your baby kick. Keep up the gestating, Mama. You're doing very well. ;-)

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

Rachel, Chris thinks the same thing about the baby kicking, but at the same time, is very excited that he'll be able to feel it at some point too.

And it's weird because I totally get where you're coming from, but I love this little baby so much already, so it's sort of nice to know it's alive. It's (does horror movie impression!) =)

Rachel said...

Until it has to come out. Maybe it'll be a la Spaceballs and burst out of your stomach singing and dancing!