Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stroller vs. Travel System

Dearest Internet, I need your help!

We won't go into cost for any of these items since Chris and I are fine with paying the money. But we are torn between buying a stroller that matches the Graco car seat we're thinking of getting, and buying a separate stroller that is just that much cooler and more awesome.

This is the car seat that we're most likely going to get for the baby:

We played with it in person, we've read reviews of it and Consumer Reports of it, and we like it a bunch. My parents also approve of it, which is an added bonus.

Now, we could get the semi-matching Graco stroller for it. Obviously the pattern of the stroller is different, but that doesn't actually bother me. The advantages of getting this stroller is that the car seat would snap into the stroller for easier use, frex, if I was going through an airport alone with a baby. This is the Graco stroller:

Finally, this is the stroller that I adore and love and was totally planning on getting after researching it extensively. The car seat doesn't snap onto it. I'm not sure I should worry about a car seat snapping onto it, honestly.

Now, the stroller I love can have a car seat added into it, but we honestly like the Graco car seat better because it has such a nice, big canopy to cover the baby up during sunny drives. On the other hand, maybe it would be convenient to have a stroller and a car seat that snap together. I have no idea, honestly, which is why I'm asking you, internet.

Please comment! =)


Beth C. said...

I loved the Graco travel system when my son was little. The basket car seat is amazing since you can tote them to and from the car and they sleep through everything. The canopy is very nice for shielding out light and noise. Having the car seat snap into the stroller is helpful because of that same transition issue. Some babies can sleep through anything; my son couldn't.

I loved my Graco stroller, too. I didn't drive, and my husband was deployed. I walked everywhere. I probably put hundreds of miles on that thing--until I actually wore off a wheel, and had to replace it.

There's my biased opinion. Best of luck with your choice!

kkjayne said...

I can see the attraction of a car seat you can lift out and attach to wheels when bubby is asleep.
Having said that we didn't have it and our babies were fine. We just gently transferred and most times they wouldn't wake and when they did it was proably because they were over the sleep anyway.

Amanda Hosch said...

Believe it or not, the infant stage doesn't last forever. So, you'll want something that will last until s/he is 4 or 5. I love my Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller:
(Don't let the name fool you: it's not a jogging stroller--it's for walking! And it's not small. I can fit a bag of groceries in the undernetting.)
It is, by far, the easiest stroller to push. I live in Seattle. To go anywhere I have to go up out of our valley. I can push the stroller with one hand while drinking coffee.
And, it is so simple to close--one handed (holding the baby with the other).
With my first child, we went through 3 or 4 different strollers. Our second child is 2 years, 8 months. I got the Citi Mini over 2.5 years ago and it is going strong!
Good luck. See if there is an on-line mom's group in your area. Things like infant car seats (since they last such a short period of time) are often for sell cheap or free.

Rachel said...

How easy is it to get the car seat in and out of the car? Not necessarily the system itself, but the set-up of your car, too. Like, width of door opening, things like that...



Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

@Rachel: The car seat is actually really easy to get out of the car.
It detaches from the base with a button push (it's at the back and hard for little hands to do at all), and then you just pick it up like an infant seat. We're actually getting three bases (2 cars for us, 1 for my parents) and just going to move the car seat between the bases.

Rachel said...

huh...I thought maybe that might make the decision making easier...but I guess not :) Gershwin says to pick the comfiest one and Schubu says to pick the one with the most plastic cause that's fun to chew on, so they're not much help. My vote is for one with a cup holder. If you're really really stuck, my cousing got SEVEN strollers at her baby shower. I can ask her which was best. She lived in NYC and now lives in Suburbia, NY.