Monday, March 14, 2011

Things That I Am Grateful For

  1. That all of my friends in Japan that I've managed to get in contact with are safe. I should probably see if Shin is safe, but he lives in the central-central part of Tokyo, so I'm going to assume he is. (*Makes note to check*).
  2. That the baby has grown so much that my stomach is now getting kicked by a small human. It is a very bizarre feeling. =)
  3. That the baby furniture has arrived, been set up, and is almost intact; we're waiting on information about a replacement drawer support for a dresser--this is why I like to do major things early.
  5. That I have found a maternity bathing suit that is flattering, that fits, and doesn't seem to think that pregnant women should be wearing narrow little bikini bottoms.
  6. That my mom is coming over tomorrow to help me do laundry, since I can't lift things out of the machine and bend to get them in and out of the dryer.
And on that note, six things make a post. =) お休みなさい!

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