Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello, all you Monday blog readers! Have a lovely picture of Cora with her Little People Zoo.

Mondays are awesome around here--Cora has camp for FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS! That's five hours of just me and Milo, which means that at some point, he will nap, and I will have time to do things! =)

To celebrate the awesomeness of Summer Mondays, I thought I'd point out that I've made my backlist available on this neat little site, Quarterreads.  There's a few short pieces of fiction, a few poems, and one new piece that I've put up there. Each piece costs 25 cents to read in its entirety, but they're free to browse.

The following links will take you to my work:

New Work
The True-Cat Violins

Poetry Reprints
Lucifer Defiant
The Warriors of the Dark

Flash Reprints
The Sock Thief

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