Tuesday, July 07, 2015

July garden photos

You know that summer cold I thought was gone?

Yeah, not gone yet.

Never fear, I have (theoretically) kept Twinklestar the Sourdough Starter alive--the Day Two blog post will be coming tomorrow.

In the meantime, however, have a look at some lovely garden photos I took this afternoon. =)

It's a tiny garden, based on the square foot gardening method, but I'm very fond of it.  One day, I'll have a bigger one. =)

This is my potimarron squash plant.

Have some baby green peppers!

I do love tiger lilies. =)

My shiso is going crazy this year. It just sort of reseeded itself from last year, with no encouragement. In fact, it's doing even better this year than last.

It's a wee, baby eggplant! I have totally forgotten what variety I planted, wouldn't you know? I'll have to look it up later.

This is either a Black Krim or a Purple Cherokee tomato, but I kept terrible planting records this year, so I won't know until it matures more.

This is an Azoychka tomato.  I had two plants, but lost one to a late cold snap.

And finally, carrots gone wild! Nantes carrots, to be precise. Doing so much better in a container than my in-the-ground carrots did last year.

Do you guys garden? Am I talking into the thin ether? If androids dream of electronic sheep, do they also grow mechanical gardens?

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