Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Sourdough Starter, Day Two

Picking up with Twinklestar the Sourdough Starter, let's move to Day Two!

Day Two

So, the book says that "Bubbles will have formed on the surface."  I'm not seeing any bubbles, are you?  What I am
seeing is that the color has darkened. Which surely has to be a good sign, no?

For today, we take 40 g of rye flour, 40 g of water (Poland Spring, again), and 5 g of honey.

 Combine as before.

And mix in the entire mixture from Day One.

Cover loosely, as before.

We're basically taking the new mixture of rye flour, water, and honey, and using it to feed all the lovely bacteria that have gathered on the first day's starter mixture.  This is called "refreshing the starter".

More to come, as we soon explore Days Three and Four!

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