Wednesday, July 01, 2015

What I'm reading...THE DUKE'S GUIDE TO CORRECT BEHAVIOR by Megan Frampton

Three-quarters of my family are now down for the count with a summer cold, but we persevere on!  Lest you think that I do nothing but read all day, I feel that I should remind my humble readership that I'm essentially an exclusively pumping mom. Milo will nurse once or twice a day... and the rest is all breast milk. So I spend a good 90-120 minutes a day hooked up to my milking machine, reading or baby-entertaining or doing whatever computer stuff I can get done on my iPad.

Anyway, I've finished A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, which ended up being just as fantastic as I thought it might be.  I'm officially fangirling over V. E. Schwab, and anxious to read more of her books. I've gotten THE ARCHIVED out of library, which may end up being the next on this little blog feature.

But, we must first speak about THE DUKE'S GUIDE TO CORRECT BEHAVIOR.

I'm a picky romance reader; so picky, in fact, that I think I may be pickier than some of the romance authors that I love to read. I've often picked up a book that Eloisa James or Julia Quinn have recommended, and simply walked away disappointed. I want my romance novels to have plot and good writing and sizzling chemistry. Is that too much to ask of every single romance novel I read?

And therein lies the problem with this book... it's not a bad novel. It's well-written.  None of the sentences make me cringe, which I've had happen with other commercially published romances.

I like Lily, the main character. I like the duke, the hero, somewhat. The little etiquette guide excerpts are charming.  The title is one of the best things the book has going for it.

Which is pretty much the equivalent of Paula Abdul in her American Idol days, telling a singer that they "looked pretty".

It's just sort of a serviceable novel.

Now, granted, I'm only on page 174. I give it permission to sweep me up and wow me. In fact, I'd love it, if it did. But so far, I'm not seeing that happening.  Which disappoints me--I really do want to find more romance authors to love.

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